Jupiter and You

At Jupiter Hotels, we listen to our staff.

The loyalty and dedication displayed on a daily basis is why Jupiter Hotels is a bottom-up organisation. By listening to and rewarding our staff for great ideas and improvements, we benefit from their passion for service.

At Jupiter Hotels we do everything we can to promote from within, to recognise the achievements of individual staff members and hotel teams, to identify new and rising talent and to empower our staff to believe they can make the difference.

We do this by operating a flat management structure in which any member of staff can share ideas with any member of the senior team. We do this by operating an open-door policy at every level. We do this be recognising and rewarding innovation. Small working parties and inter-hotel and inter-departmental knowledge sharing, ensure timely communication which enable us to stay ahead of the competition.

Jupiter Hotels’ Rising Stars and staff training programmes are some of the most respected in the hotel industry. We hold an Annual Awards Ceremony for over 250 staff every year, and run competitions for innovations (Voice of Jupiter), cost savings (Show Me the Money) and F&B excellence (Chef’s Menus).

We listen and we learn from our staff, and that’s why some of our employees have been with us for over fifty years of loyal service.

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