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Perks of being Premier

Employee discounts

Each member of the Whitbread team receives exclusive discounts across all of our businesses – our way of giving you that little bit more. Every time you visit one of our Premier Inns or restaurants, you’ll enjoy a discount of at least 25% (and up to 50% off a stay in Premier Inn).


Encouraging and investing in our teams is at the heart of our culture. We offer a range of incentives to ensure that all of our teams benefit from the success of our business as a whole.

  • Everyone gets to share in success through a variety of national and local incentive schemes
  • We give out loads of awards to our highest-performing people and teams
  • Prizes include an all-expenses paid trip at the end of the financial year
  • Generous bonus schemes for managers based on hotel or regional performance.

Sharesave scheme

Each of our team members have the chance to invest in the future of our business, and benefit from the success of Whitbread. Our Sharesave scheme gives employees the option to invest through a savings plan over a fixed period, and then purchase Whitbread shares at a significant discount.

Whitbread pension scheme

Everyone at Whitbread is entitled to a bright future – and we’re not just talking about your career. Whilst it may seem like a long way off, to help everyone get the most out of their retirements, we have a generous company pension scheme, which all team members can choose to opt into.


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