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Staff Case Studies

Holly Paton

“Holly is a Senior Therapist and works in the Spa at Sopwell House, she has worked for AB hotels for around 3 and a half years. Holly began her career at Sopwell House as a Therapist straight from college and was promoted a year ago to a Senior Therapist’s role. The best thing about Holly’s job is how rewarding it is, she loves helping people to relax, unwind and feel separated from everyday life. Holly feels AB Hotels is a great employer because of the atmosphere in the hotel - everyone is friendly and approachable and there is a real sense of team morale. Something not many people know about Holly is that when she left school she went to college to be a professional dancer but unfortunately had to quit due to injury but her love of musical theatre brought her into beauty and spa therapy…”

Gopi Chandran

“Gopi is the Executive Head Chef at Sopwell House and has been part of the AB Hotels family for 3 years. He has been in the hospitality industry for almost 25 years after graduating from the Taj School of Catering in India and has cooked all over the world. Moving to the UK in 2000, Gopi started working with Marriott hotels, then Hanbury Manor and finally onto Sopwell House. Gopi feels the best thing about his job is working with an amazing team of Chefs who are extremely talented and exceptionally hard working. The Kitchen at Sopwell House was awarded Department of the Year 2017.”

Urszula Fikowska

“Ula is an Assistant Executive Housekeeper at Sopwell House and has worked in the industry for around 5 years. Ula was awarded Employee of the Month in December 2017. Ula has previously worked in the Food & Beverage departments where she had more interaction with guests however started in Housekeeping as a Supervisor but was promoted to Assistant Executive soon after. Ula thinks her team is the best thing about her role; they make her feel happy to come to work and work well as a team! She aspires to work in a different department, maybe reservations or reception to develop her knowledge, but only for a short while! She feels that AB Hotels provides a great opportunity to develop yourself, through training and willingness to grow – you can get as high as you want to! Outside of work Ula enjoys crime novels and especially stories from the war.”


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