Training & Development

Opportunities for everyone

The hotel industry requires a diverse workforce with varied skill sets. Our members understand that everyone has to start somewhere and that you may not start your position with all of the required skills to succeed. Your willingness to learn goes a long way in this industry, and there are countless ways to develop. Many of the hotels we work with offer mentoring; shadowing; practical and professional skills development; training, and e-learning. All of which sets you on the path to diversification, progression, job satisfaction and success.

Take a look at some of the career opportunities in the hotel industry.


Hotels offer thousands of opportunities for apprenticeships covering a large number of job-specific roles.

Opportunities for apprenticeships


The hotel industry offers fun career opportunities for ambitious people who have completed higher education.

Opportunities for graduates


Many hotel groups offer leadership programmes in preparation for management roles.

Opportunities for leadership


The hotel industry welcomes people returning after a career break and those entering later in life.

Opportunities for returners